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European Geoparks Week - Some Highlights.

The European Geoparks Network Week is an annual event that occurs throughout Europe. An excellent opportunity to explore the geology, landscape, wildlife, archaeology and built heritage of the Copper Coast Geopark

This year's highlights were:Kite Aerial Photography Presentation.

The opening of the Dunhill Castle Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) Exhibition in the Copper Coast Geopark Centre
Monday 26th. May 2014.

The exhibition was opened by Tina Keating our own geopark geologist and showcased brilliant works from the 5th, Year students of Stella Maris School, Tramore & Knockmahon NS, Bonmahon including the award winning Kite Aerial Photography poster by the Stella Maris Students.
It was submitted to the Archaeology Above & Below Seminar at Balla Co. Mayo in April of this year and the school was awarded a KAP kit for the best aerial photography images submitted.
A copy of the poster was presented to Dr. Senan Cooke from the Dunhill Enterprise & Education Centre by Sinead Driver (Stella Maris Art Teacher).
The Exhibition ran for one week.

Tetrapod Trackway at Valentia Island
Thursday 29th. May 2014.

The Tetrapod imprints are thought to date from Devonian times – somewhere between 350 and 370 million years ago. This site in Co. Kerry is of international significance as it represents the transition of life from water to land – a momentous turning point in evolution and provides one of the oldest reliably dated evidence of four legged vertebrates (amphibians) moving over land.
This fascinating talk at the Geopark Centre, by Professor Ken Higgs of UCC appealed to all ages across the spectrum, with Professor Higgs encouraging the younger members of the audience to get outdoors and explore as there is plenty still to be discovered in our wonderful world of geology and fossils.Tetrapod night

Model Making Exhibition and Demo
Sunday 1st.June 2014.

Fantastic model making demo and exhibition at the Copper Coast Geopark Centre with Andy Keating and Ger Walsh, whose work is on permanent exhibition in our centre here in Bunmahon. (19th Century Tankardstown Surface Works and 19th.Century mine shaft)
The models exhibited were of varying scales from 1:48 to 1:6 depicting various scenes and landscapes, just like miniature film sets, brilliantly made.
It was a most enjoyable afternoon for the kids and the "kids at heart" learning how to make magnificent models at very little cost using everyday objects.
A big thank you to Ger and Andy for a great day of fun, handy tips and inspiration.Model exhibition

European Geoparks Network Week is on Now!

Every year all European Geoparks put on a week or so of events to highlight the work that goes on in each area and of the growing network. Most Geoparks try to aim for a set week. This year it is between 23rd May and 1st June.

If you click here you can see the list of our events in 2014.

Another Global Geopark in Europe!

At the Spring meeting of the European Geoparks Network Coordination Committee a further Geopark was welcomed into the network. This is Molina & Alto Tajo Geopark in the Castilla La Mancha region of Spain. This brings the number of European Geoparks to 59.   Barranco de la Hoz Canyon, Molina & Alto Tajo Global Geopark


The band "KATAKANA" play Copper Coast Geopark, Bonmahon, Co, Waterford on Thursday 10th April 2014 at 8pm.

Liam MerrimanNick Bankes

Tickets €15, booking 0879148100 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The band features Liam Merriman on guitar, harmonica, vocals, Nick Bankes on Double Bass and vocals; Eoin O'Meachair on Mandolin, whistles, banjo and vocals (he works the hardest!), and (new signing) Damo McDonnell on Brazillian / Cuban / Irish flavoured percussion!

KAP (kite aerial photography) Schools Project

KAP (kite aerial photography) Schools Project
Art and Archaeology project at the medieval site of Dunhill Castle,
Thursday 27th. February 2014

The project combines various disciplines including science, art, geography and history. The scientific aspect of archaeology helps students understand the reasoning and the technology behind remote sensing and more importantly the experience of conducting a geophysical/archaeological survey. Archaeology owes its genesis to art historical traditions as it shares a common history in the development of strategies of seeing viewing and visualizing, the reconstructing of the story from traces and residues, absences and presences.

The objective is to increase the uptake of KAP (kite aerial photography) and remote sensing in schools across Europe. Here in Ireland, schools have been invited to investigate a local cultural heritage site using a combination of KAP, ground photography and sketches. All of these activities including a historical lecture on site were all part of our visit of Dunhill Castle, culminating in an A1 size poster. Poster will be entered into the Schools Heritage Project Competition.

"Five Dublin doctors - report on farms around Bunmahon 1827-’45"

Des Cowman added fascinating insights to our growing knowledge of local history on the Copper Coast.Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital, in Dublin, owned lands in the Bunmahon area during the 19th century and Des's talk was based on reports by different doctors who were delegated to inspect the properties and their tenants.Des Cowman's "5 Doctors" lecture



This talk was preceded by a report on the Metal Links project which is finalizing its work. Click here to see slides used in this presentation.
The Metal Links project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Ireland Wales programme 2007-2013 Interreg 4A.



Minister Leo Varadkar visits the Copper Coast

The Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Leo Varadkar, told the attendance at a packed Copper Coast Geopark Centre on Sunday evening that "The Copper Coast Geopark can become the anchor for the developing east coast heritage trail which will stretch from Dundalk to Waterford".Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport, Leo Varadkar, T.D.John Galloway, chairman Copper Coast Tourism said "production of the guide relaunches the Copper Coast as a significant activity and heritage destination with national and international reach".
Mr. Varadkar was launching the Copper Coast Map and Guide, which has been produced by the Metal Links project at the Geopark. The guide tells the story of the coastal villages and the accessible geological heritage sites between the Comeragh and the Coast. Contact details for twenty activity based tourism businesses; Sea Canoeing, Surfing, Mini farms , Fishing, Horse riding, Walking etc. are included in the guide. The area's mining heritage is also covered. The innovative map gives a helicopter view from off-shore back to the Comeraghs. It was produced by The Art Hand and points to the many opportunities for visitors to choose for themselves how to enjoy their time on the Copper Coast, with more information, a café and an exhibition available at the Copper Coast Centre in Bunmahon. The Metal Links project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Ireland Wales programme 2007-2013 (Interreg 4A).
The exhibition at the Centre this year will feature a new animated film, Copper Coast-a journey through time; this tells how the major mining complex of the 1800s fitted into the landscape. The green fields of today at Knockmahon were then full of hammers and waterwheels while a tramway ran along the cliff-top to take ore mined at Tankardstown down to Knockmahon and then the processed copper back to Stage Cove for export. The film was co-funded by the ERDF through the Atlantic area programme 2007-2013 (Interreg4B).Joe Greene presents a copy of the map to Leo Varadkar

An Evening with Rue du Canal

  • We hosted the first of what we hope will be a series of musical evenings, on Wednesday, 22nd January. Our performers were Rue du Canal – 2 French men and 2 Irish men, playing an eclectic international mix on accordion, guitar, mandolin and violin. The house was full, the atmosphere mellow and we can’t wait to do it again!
  • A lot of thanks to the Waterford County Council Arts Officer who gave sponsorship to the event; also to Ger Barron who brought us the performers. We have some very good friends!Rue du Canal

Virtual tours of Tankardstown mine site:

Copper Coast Geopark have completed a 3D laser scan and a panoramic survey of the engine house site and of underground tunnels at the 19th. Century mine site at Tankardstown in Co. Waterford. The survey, commissioned by the Atlanterra project, was carried out by Deri Jones of DJA and his team supported by Sean Corcoran and Brian Fleming of the Copper Coast. Two videos of both the conserved surface engine house  and the underground level allow visitors to enjoy a virtual tour of the site.
For the surface video, click here.  To go underground, click here.
The second video includes a 3-dimensional representation of the entire underground workings constructed from historical mine drawings maintained at the Geological Survey of Ireland and a flythrough of a level not currently flooded. The spectacular secondary copper mineralisation is not to be seen anywhere else.

Images from the panoramic surveys can be seen at the Copper Coast Visitor Centre in Bunmahon and the visitor can self-direct how they explore the site.
This survey is part of the ATLANTERRA project which is co-funded by the European Regional Development fund (ERDF), Atlantic Area programme Interreg 4B.

An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, TD, (our Prime Minister) did us the great honour of officially opening the Copper Coast Geopark Centre on Saturday 23rd November, 2013.

During a brief visit an Taoiseach was shown around our Centre, seeing some of the award winning movie, Down the Mines, a 3-D representation of the mine workings at Tankardstown, including laser and exciting colour photography and our seismometer.Welcoming An TaoiseachDuring the main part of the visit there were speeches by the Mayor of County Waterford, Councillor Damien Geoghegan, Geopark chairman, John Galloway, Prof. Patrick McKeever of UNESCO and an Taoiseach, who then unveiled a plaque and declared the Centre open.

Mayor of Co Waterford Damien Geoghegan said the opening of the visitor centre "is about vision, ambition, determination and pride" and paid tribute to the community along the Copper Coast.

John Galloway, Chairman of Copper Coast Geopark, Ltd., said that the Geopark Centre marks the start and that there are now two main targets – the first to extend the Geopark into the Comeragh Mountains, which makes geological and historical sense; the second is to create an underground experience at Tankardstown.
He paid tribute to the Geoparks partners – the Geological Survey of Ireland, Waterford County Council, UCC and the Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland.
He also made particular mention of Waterford Leader Partnership without whose funding the Centre would not have been created.

Professor Patrick McKeever, head of earth science with UNESCO, said a geopark is "a place where the memory of the planet can be told" thanks to its geology, and "you can read that memory in the rocks"

Taoiseach Enda Kenny described the achievement as the community "fighting back" and promised the government would help "in any way we can".

It was a historic and happy day in the life of the Copper Coast, the weather was kind, we were joined by friends from near and far, memories were made and aspirations aired.

Waterford International Film Festival

The silent film, Copper Coast Miners which was commissioned by the Copper Coast Geopark through its Metal Links project has won second place in the prestigious Waterford International Film Festival.
Thirty six films were selected from submissions originating in 8 European Countries and two in North America. The film tells the story of a mining family on the Copper Coast in the mid 1800s.  Produced and directed by Sean Corcoran and Angela Mulcahy, it was filmed in the Copper Coast Geopark and at Allihes, Co.Cork, employing local actors, writers, photography and technical crew. 
The film is shown daily (Tue.-Sun. 11.00am to 6.00pm) at the Copper Coast Geopark Centre, Bunmahon, Co. Waterford where it forms part of the Mining Heritage Exhibition.
The Metal Links project is part funded by the European Regional Development programme through the Ireland – Wales programme 2007-2013 (INTERREG 4A)

Copper Coast Hosts Metal Links Partnership Meeting

The Copper Coast Geopark hosted a meeting of the participants in the Metal Links project (InterReg 4A - Ireland Wales 2007 - 2013) on 20th September 2013. Our partners are the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments in Wales (RCAHMW) and Glendalough Mining Heritage Trust. The fruitful meeting took place in the Park Hotel in Dungarvan. It coincided with the Comeraghs Wild Festival, so that we could show our visitors some other aspects of our area.

The inaugural Comeraghs Wild Festival took place between 19th and 22nd September.

We on the Copper Coast just had to join in and apart from enjoying the different happenings in the Comeraghs, we laid on a couple of events of our own on the Saturday!
Fiona Collins, a story teller from Wales, visited the schools in Fenor and Bunmahon as well as the Copper Coast Centre.
Bruce MacDonald led a high-viz band on the Miners Trail giving a vivid sense of the perpetual industry that was  Bunmahon during the mining years of the 19th Century.
Paula McCarthy cooked up a seafood feast and satisfied far more people than she expected!
Matthew Parkes told of mining throughout Ireland.
The curtain came down on a memorable weekend in Hayes’ Bar in Bunmahon.
At Tankardstown     Seafood Feast

The Forgotten State of Industry? Irish Industrial Landscapes in a Global Context 18th & 19th Oct, 2013

Featuring a presentation keynote speech by leading industrial archaeologist, Professor Marilyn Palmer, this exciting two day international conference brings together an exceptional group of speakers from across Ireland, Europe and beyond, providing an opportunity to share experiences of conserving, managing and presenting our historical industrial landscapes, many of which in Ireland are poorly understood and vulnerable. 

Four New European Geoparks

During the Autumn meeting of the European Geoparks Network, in Italy, four new members were accepted.
They are: Idrija Geopark in Slovenia, Hondsrug Geopark, Netherlands, Sesia-Val Grande Geopark, Italy and Kula Volcanic Geopark, Turkey.
This now adds up to 58 members in 20 countries in the European Network.
This is the complete list of members on The European Geoparks Network website. 


Training For The 140 Mile A to B Walk

They are up and training for the A to B Walk. The 140 mile walk from the Beara Peninsula to the Copper Coast continues on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm in the outdoor gym in Bonmahon. The walkers will depart from Allihies on Saturday August 17th arriving back in Bonmahon on Saturday 24th. If you are up for a challenge you are welcome to join us!

South East Amateur Radio Group Visit

The South East Amateur Radio Group came to the Copper Coast for their annual visit. It makes for a very suitable start to European Geoparks Week. They set up their van at Tankardstown on 25th May and had a very successful and enjoyable 24 hour session communicating with Global Geoparks all around Europe and further afield.

Earthquakes Recorded At The Copper Coast Geopark

There were two large earthquakes recorded at the Copper Coasts Geopark's Seismometer Centre between 5.00 pm on Thursday 23rd. May and Friday morning the 24th.Discovering the Seismometer

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Premiere Of Copper Coast Miner Films

Filming of Copper Coast Miners300 people turned out for the first showings of the Copper Coast Miner series of films. The Copper Coast Geopark Centre in Bunmahon was filled to capacity, at each showing, for what turned out to be a great community day out.

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The area was declared a European Geopark in 2001 and a UNESCO Global Geopark in 2004. This geologically diverse area contains records of Palaeozoic volcanism and the last ice age. more


The Copper Coast is a stretch of the southern coast of Ireland in County Waterford. It is named for the historic metal-mining industry, the legacies of which now constitute a tourist attraction. more

Walking Trails

Along with an audio tour around Annestown, we also have walking trail cards for the villages along the Copper Coast. The trail cards can be printed or stored for viewing on your phone. more

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